How do I make a reservation with High Point Camp?

Click the link below to begin your reservation process or for reservation inquiry:

Reservation Form

After we receive your form, our Guest Services Director will contact you. You will receive details for a rental application to be completed and security deposit needed.

Are there any medical facilities nearby?

Our camp is located within a 20 minutes radius of several urgent care clinics and approximately 20 minutes from the Reading Hospital. A number of doctors are also available during office hours within a ten minute drive.

What activities are available for my group in the evening?

Groups are to provide their own speakers and resources for these times. Our gym with volleyball, basketball, etc. is open as well as the game room and other outdoor activities.

What activities are available for my group in the winter?

Our gym and gameroom are available year round. Outdoor activities such as laser tag, the low ropes course, dodgeball, ricochet, tetherball, sports fields, and playgrounds are also available in the winter months. If there is snow on the ground, some of these acitivities may be closed, but there are plenty of hills for sledding and tubing.

The following activities will close each year on the last weekend in November and will re-open on the first weekend in April:

  • Canoes
  • Land Trolley (Zipline)

The following activities will close each year on the second weekend in September and will re-open on the second weekend in June:

  • Speed Boat
  • Blob/Summit
  • Swimming Pool
  • Waterslide

Are pets allowed?

No. We do not allow any pets to be brought to camp.

How do I know my group will be supervised when we are at camp?

A full-time camp staff member will be on the campgrounds and available at all times. Special arrangements will be made ahead of time if your group will be here while the camp staff is gone. For your group, it is best that you or your sponsors be with your kids at all times. The full-time staff is there to supervise staff-run activities and be available for questions.

What are meal times?

Meal start times are 8:00, 12:00 & 5:00. We will have the food served for the first ½ hour of the meal time. Our kitchen staff will begin clean up approximately 45-60 minutes after the start time. People from you group may stay and talk if they wish.

How do I tell parents to get in touch with their children?

In emergency situations, call the camp office during business hours (Monday-Friday; 8am – 4:30pm) at 610-286-5942 ext. 153. If no answer, then they can call:

  • Tom Lamborn, Camp Director – 484-638-0402
  • Gil Colón, Guest Services Director – 484-467-6221
  • Bruno Couto, Operations Director – 856-857-5834

Do you have any special food for allergies? And what do we need to do to let the kitchen staff know about them?

We do provide a salad bar at every lunch and dinner and do have options for most allergies; however, because we prepare for a large number of guests we do not have the ability to prepare separate meals for those with allergies. We suggest that they pack their own food that we can store in a fridge in the Dining Hall which is accessible 24 hours. As far as letting our staff know, if there are any life-threatening allergies we need to be aware of, please have your retreat leader give the information to our Food Service Manager or Guest Services Manager ASAP.

Do you have an on-site nurse?

We do not provide any sort of medical professional on site. Upon request, a list of the closest medical facilities can be given to the retreat leader.

Do you have a noise policy?

High Point Camp does have neighbors and our full-time staff do live within the camp. In order to be good neighbors and to be considerate of staff families with children, we have instituted the following policies regarding noise:

  1. Music being played indoors should be contained to the room in which it is being played and should never be higher than 100db. Bass levels should be controlled so that they are never heard nor felt outside of the room in which the music is being played.
  2. Outdoor loud speakers (which includes inside the dome) are only allowed between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. And should never be louder than 85db within 100 feet of the speakers. Bass levels must be controlled as well.