A young person’s camping dream includes activities such as swimming, waterslide, laser tag, tubing, land trolley and much more. We offer overnight camps for junior-aged children in grades 3-6, junior highers in grades 6-9, teens in grades 7-12 and day camps for children in grades 1-4. 


Each camp’s grade requirement is decided by the grade that the camper is entering into in the fall.


Starting this summer, High Point Camp has decided to offer a pick your own price system. The basic idea behind tiered pricing is giving families the freedom to choose a camp fee that fits their financial situation while still giving the same summer camp experience to each child regardless of which price tier is chosen.

Tier III: High Point Camp firmly believes that every child should experience the powerful impact that summer camp provides, regardless of income. This tier offers families, no matter their financial means, that experience for their child.

Junior Camp – $290   |    Junior High & Teen Camp – $290
Tier II: This tier is an opportunity for you to choose to pay a little more to help support the ongoing ministry of High Point Camp.

Junior Camp – $320   |    Junior High & Teen Camp – $320
Tier I: This tier most closely reflects what it costs to provide a camp experience for one camper. This tier gives you the opportunity to help us do more, make needed upgrades and continue to grow in the future.

Junior Camp – $350   |    Junior High & Teen Camp – $350


Registration deposit ($50 per session) must accompany each registration. The registration deposits MAY be transferred but will not be refunded. Registration closes the Tuesday before each camp starts.

The remaining balance for camp is due by June 15th.

Confirmation of registration is not mailed back, although email confirmation is available. Telephone or FAX registrations are not accepted. There are no refunds for early dismissals. Walk-in registrations are not accepted.


Payment may be made by mail or in person using cash, check or money order. Payment may be made online through our online registration system.


Day Camp Discount:

  • Family Discount: Receive $10 off each additional sibling registered for Day Camp.

Early Registration Discounts:

Available for Junior, Junior High, and Teen Camps

  • Summer Kick-Off: Receive an additional $25 off each week when registered (accompanied by the $50 deposit) by April 1st. (May be used in addition to family and multiple week discounts. If mailing a check, registration AND check must be postmarked by April 1)
  • Early Bird: Receive $10 off of Junior, Junior High or Teen Camp regular price if registered (accompanied by the $50 deposit) by May 1. (May be used in addition to family and multiple week discounts. If mailing a check, registration AND check must be postmarked by May 1)

Other Discounts:

Available for Junior, Junior High, Teen, and Adventure Camps

  • Family Discount: Receive $20 off the second sibling registered, $50 off of the third sibling, and $75 off the fourth through seventh siblings. (May be used with all discounts except Multiple Week Discount.)
  • Multiple Week Discount: Receive $30 off each additional week registered for camp. (May be used with all discounts except Family Discounts.)

Arrival and Departure:

Registration lines open Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm for each camp week. Junior Camp weeks dismiss on Friday at 5:30 pm. Teen and Junior High Camp weeks dismiss on Saturday at 9:00 am.


Campers are assigned to cabins by age group. Each camper may use his or her registration form to request one name as a possible roommate. The person whose name you write down must also write your name down for your request to be honored. If a group of three friends attends together, we are able to accommodate them together in one cabin (provided they are close in age), however groups of four or more cannot be accommodated and will be broken into smaller pairings.

Camper Dress:

Girls may wear modest walking shorts, loose-fitting slacks or skirts; modest, loose-fitting tops, no spaghetti straps. Boys may wear walking shorts or loose fitting pants.

Lost and Found:

Our goal is to not have any Lost & Found items. Please help us by labeling everything your child brings, and make sure you have all of their belongings before you leave the camp property. High Point Camp is not responsible for lost or broken items. Items will be held for two weeks pending calls to identify and claim them. Claimed items are returned C.O.D. Items not claimed after the two-week period are donated to charity.


In case of emergency, call the camp office at 610-286-5942 ext. 153, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, M – F. For after hours EXTREME EMERGENCIES, call Tom Lamborn at 484-638-0402 . Under normal circumstances, campers are not allowed to make or receive calls during the week.

Please plan to send camper for the entire camp week. Early registration and/or dismissals are permitted in case of an emergency only. Non-cooperative campers are subject to dismissal.

Spending Money:

Campers may want to bring $20-$30 for their account to spend on offering, snack shop, handcrafts, souvenirs, and t-shirts. Additional costs are $9 for weekly DVD (order on Monday), $4 for 5×7 cabin picture, $12 for 4×6 cabin picture in a frame, $10 to make a Tie Dye t-shirt or bag, and $10 for Laser Tag (JH and TN weeks only). At the end of the week, remaining dollars will be refunded, the cents will be rounded down to the nearest dollar and the cents will be added to the scholarship fund.

Videos and Photos:

During camp week, photos or video will be taken of campers and used for camp promotional materials. A weekly highlights video is available for purchase at the end of each week for $10. (You may pre-order it on Mondays for $9). Cabin photos will also be available for $4 each without a frame and $12 with an HP frame. You may pre-order these on Monday, or order them Saturday with an additional shipping charge.

Laser Tag:

Laser tag is available for Junior High and Teen campers. The cost is $10. This includes equipment rental and a 1.5 hour session.

Packing List:

If you would like a packing list click here!