Equip is a three week long leadership training program designed for juniors and seniors in high school that are looking for a high level of discipleship, mentorship, and training.   In this program, twelve to fifteen Equippers will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop under the leadership of High Point’s directors staff and upper level summer staff.  Personal discipleship and training, leadership among peers, and integration into High Point’s summer staff are all part of the experience designed to push the Equippers out of their comfort zone and to embrace new challenges both personally and spiritually. 

Week #1: GROW

During the first week  of Equip, the goal will be to GROW the students vision of what a servant leader looks like and to GROW the students ability to carry that vision out.  Equippers will be involved in a variety of training sessions and experiences that all lead to growth in leadership, personal spiritual disciplines, and serving with a focus.  In addition to training sessions, Equippers will be experiencing all the great things that High Point has to offer in their very own program.  Campfires, games and activities, outdoor adventures, and group bonding will really make this first week a ton of fun.  Finally, to solidify the growth and learning, each Equip student will meet individually with staff to begin to set spiritual and personal goals for the Equip program and beyond.  Week #1 will be foundational for the remaining two weeks of the program.



Week #2: GO

If you have ever wanted to go undercover, this is your chance.  We are calling Week #2 “Under Cover Camper Week.”  In the second week of the Equip program, students will GO and begin to use some of the skills that were taught in Week #1.  As under cover campers,  Equippers will be included in a cabin, as a camper, to enjoy and engage in all of the experiences of a normal week of camp.  While it will look normal from the outside, Equippers will be expected to lead by example, spiritually engage with their peers, and help set a tone for their cabin that will generate spiritual growth in others.  Throughout the week, the Equip leadership staff  will be observing each student and meeting individually with each one to affirm, access, challenge each Equipper in their learning and growth process.  Week #2 is where the proverbial rubber begins to meet the road.



Week #3: SERVE

In the final week of the program, Equippers will be given the opportunity to really SERVE. The students will be integrated into our summer camp staff and will have the opportunity to serve younger campers as assistant counselors, to help in the kitchen, coffee shop, and snack shop, help with program activities, and really get a back stage pass to what serving at a camp is really like.  Throughout the week, the Equippers will meet together to discuss the learning that is taking place and will look at what it will take to stay the course of a servant leader long after the program has ended.  Week #3 is designed to solidify the spiritual and personal growth that has taken place throughout the Equip program.




There are two weekends during the Equip program – and we wouldn’t want to waste that time.  During summer camp, weekends are a time to rest after a long week of serving and to refresh for the week ahead.  However, weekends are a lot of fun too.  Equippers will have opportunity to spend time with the summer camp staff, eat meals in the directors homes, and be part of a small group with a couple from our full-time staff.   There will be scheduled activities to help the students connect with each other and there will be down time to read, sleep, swim, play, and relax.  The weekends will be geared towards personal, physical, and spiritual health.